Concert Promoting & Production

What do we offer?

We have already promoted a wide range of shows, and in the process have developed an excellent relationship with many avenues of the press. This plays a key role in our live entertainment role, as we want to show that our success can become your success. By working with IDL Entertainment, you’ll have access to a wide network that can help you stand out from the crowd in the South American music scene.

We can promote shows of all sizes, from clubs to arenas. Our excellent reputation is a reflection of the standard of service we provide in show promoting and producing. We can promote shows across the continent, in countries such as Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Mexico. We will do our utmost to get as many people as possible to your show.

Why choose us?

  • Make a profit touring.
  • Have all your touring needs taken care of.
  • Play in front of your own audience.
  • Go on a package tour with another band, and introduce new fans to your music.
  • Keep the fire burning by visiting your Latin American fans and maintaining their interest in you.
  • Sell merchandising.
  • Get press from each country you play in.
  • Grow your popularity and fan base abroad.


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