Artwork & Merchandising

What do we offer?

The big challenge nowadays in the music business is to get people’s attention. People are saturated with new offers and the key is attracting them to you. That’s why music is not the only channel to make it happen. One of those channels is the artwork behind your band. How many times have you been to a record store or even watched videos or listened to music online when all of a sudden you clicked on a band you never heard of because they had amazing artwork that caught your attention? That is what we are aiming for. To get people’s attention by looking at artwork that represents your band and gets more people to know you and potentially new fans.

We have teamed up with some phenomenal artists that have worked with great acts such as Arch Enemy, Amaranthe, Rage, James LaBrie, Morbid Angel, Angra, Kamelot, The Mission, Sonic Syndicate, among others.

But, we don’t only provide artwork for your records. We also design merchandising. Want some great artworks for your next albums, singles, stage sets, shirts, posters, bandanas, beer, etc? We can do that for you.

This is your chance to standout with elite artwork for your band. Establish a brand, make people want to proudly wear your merchandising. Keep in mind that a very big percentage of bands’ income comes from their merchandising.


Why choose us?

• Proven experience with new and experienced well established bands.

• Our artwork speaks for itself. Wonderful eye-catching artwork.

• Climb up with world class artwork and merchandising.

• Get a visual identity of who you are.

• Make people want to buy your album and merchandise.

• We take care of everything, you will get what you want, no hassles.

About to release a single or an album and you still don’t have the artwork or concept? About to go on tour and still you don’t have the artwork for your merchandising? Get in touch with us today!



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