Welcome TYR!

IDL Entertainment proudly announces the signing of the folk metal giants: TYR!

TYR was founded back in 1998 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands  and since then they have toured extensively, doing a fantastic job, not only with their shows, but also with their sound.

They have released 7 studio albums so far and their are under the label “Metal Blade”. Soon there will be some news about a new record!

IDL Entertainment will represent TYR in the Latin American territory, so stay tuned for upcoming news!

TYR’s discography:

How Far to Asgaard – 2002
Eric the Red – 2003
Ragnarok – 2006
Land – 2008
By the Light of the Northern Star – 2009
The Lay of Thrym – 2011
Valkyrja – 2013


Gunnar Thomsen – Bass, Backing Vocals
Heri Joensen – Vocals, Guitars
Terji Skibenæs – Guitars, Backing Vocals