What kind of acts do you book?

It depends on the area where you want to play. We look for competitive bands, willing to succeed and with a strong local fan base.

How do I book a show?

Please feel free to make any enquiry regarding booking our artists. We are open to proposals and looking forward to know about them. Don’t forget to include possible dates, city, venue and venue capacity. To book any of our artists please contact us to booking@idlentertainment.com

Can I work for IDL Entertainment?

We are always looking for new employees all over the globe. Please feel free to send us your resume with media content of what you do. INTERNING Looking for unpaid intern to help out and learn in the process? If interested please email your resume to info@idlentertainment.com Please make it out to “Attention: Employment Opportunities”

Can I send you my band’s CD?

Of course you can. We are really looking forward in receiving your project’s material. Please send your CD, along with a press kit if you wish to the address shown under the contact tab. Please mark the envelope ´┐ŻAttention: A&R´┐Ż. The addresses can be found on this website under the contact tab. We also encourage […]