KHY is a modern rock band. It combines the essence of classic rock with more modern sounds and it is not afraid to add electronic sounds.

It is the new band formed by Patricia Tapia, female singer of Mago de Oz.

In this new journey, she has wanted to play with very special people. On drums, an old friend of road, Oscar Pérez, Juan Guadaño on keyboards, Juan Sánchez on lead guitar, Dani Castellanos on rhythm guitar and Juanjo on bass.. The flame was lit with their first album titled “Volver a Creer” with a personal style In “Irrompible” comes the fire. Power, melody, strength …

The electronic sounds are still present in a second job that stands out for its freshness and forcefulness With the third album “Genesis”.

The band is consolidated and gets more power and dynamic sound.

“Revolution” was the first single from this álbum.

The band has played in many shows around Spain, with many special concerts, (Tour with Mago de Oz, played to 10.000 people, or festivals as Leyendas del Rock. ).


Patricia Tapia - Vocals

Juanjo Alcaraz - Guitars

Dani Castellanos - Guitars

Oscar Pérez - Drums

David Noisel - Bass

Juan Guadaño - Keyboards


Volver a Creer - (2010)

Irrompible - (2011)

Génesis - (2014)